Friday, March 26, 2010

OCLC Update ILLiad Conference – Katie Birch

Lots of updates on software, product developments, and what next ahead...

Introducing the OCLC team
Tony Melvyn – WCRS product manager
Christa Starck – Navigator product manager
Jennifer Corsi – Policies Directory product manager
Ed Davidson – Navigator/VDX
John Trares – ILLiad hosting
Julie Nye – Analyst
Katie Birch – Delivery Services portfolio manager

Policies Directory upgrade:
• More than 10 fixes based on feedback.
• 3 webinars – 725 attendees
• “Real-time” supplier status in testing. (Real-ish time) :-)

OCLC is working to help Document Suppliers in their changes:
• CAI – InfoTrieve – seamless to users, CAI no longer uses IFM in January, but they returned to IFM soon after. Official transfer Aug. 1, 2010. Retaining CAI as an OCLC symbol.
• British Library: 4 symbols; UKM, BRI, BLSTP, BLNPL – but BRI is the supplying symbol.
• BSB – GEBAY; Bavarian State Library; pilot ended in November, continuing as full lender.

360 degrees of Library Cooperation
• Greening ILL – Dennis Massie (former RLG group) sponsored a report:
• May 6 webinar,

Resource Sharing Survey –
Feedback for creating a best practices program...
Best Practices – resource sharing and delivery services:
Jennifer Corse is the contact for that project.

Delivery services survey results; 2/3 found home delivery somewhat valuable – survey from the Montana Direct and Better World Books OCLC Direct pilots. Working on a contract with Better World Books contract for a May install.

May – WCRS ILLiad sometime later

Loan: Returnables
• QUICK: New books $25, 1.7 million holdings, 2K unique items (no other libraries have this) IFM participants.
• BWBKS: All paperbacks & used books, $15, 150K holdings, 45 unique items. IFM participants.

Worldcat Direct requires a signature agreement at the policies directory. ILL Staff can select WorlCat Direct. Workflow:
1. BWB mails books to patron’s address (home, office, etc.)
2. Patron and library receive an email indicating that BWB has supplied the item.
3. Patron receives a prepaid return mailer supplied to the patron. 45 day loans.
4. Insert with every book indicating to the patron that the item has been supplied by their library, and details about how to purchase.
Interested: contact Tony Melvyn

Direct Request for Articles
• Enhanced workflow for licensed journal articles
• New OCLC Knowledge Base integrated with Worldcat
o Data ingest being developed for SFX and Serials Solutions initially
o Used to configure links to licensed articles
• New License Manager (L-MAN)
• WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILLiad
• No additional subscription required

Currently, Knowledge Base under test at OCLC, turn it on under WorldCat Resource sharing – preferences:
• No – not set up knowledge base, only want print journals.
• E within group – custom holdings – 1st group, E & P within group
• E across group – custom holdings (all groups), ignore P – E is most important

Borrowing Locally held...
Phase 1: know that you own it, route to review file.
Phase 2: know that you own it, route to review file, add a deep link provided to that article.

• Requests include all OCLC#s (FRBR)
• Deep link to article
• Multiple collections and holdings for various sources

Lending request...
Phase 1: ILL OK, NO ILL
Phase 2: add silent to the terms
Phase 2: add instructions “non-profit only”, print only, etc.

Phase 1: May 2010 - pilot libraries
Phase 2: August 2010
WCRS and ILLiad available at the same time.

Thank you to...: IDS Project, Ohio State U., Penn State Univ, Univ. of Chicago, North Carolina State Univ., etc.

Projects in Planning
• Policy directory: internal web service to enable view by ILLiad, VDX, and Navigator to pull data from the policy directory in those applications. Regional offices will contact libraries without entries to use a new form to add data via a web form.
• Deflection enhancements – IFM deflection, on order item deflection, LHR deflection
o How do our products work with Andrew Pace’s Web Scale Management system? Deflection service.

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