Saturday, September 12, 2009

Author Receptions @ Library as Service?

Geneseo Authors Day and the celebration of the Geneseo Authors Hall (a collection of faculty, staff and alumni works) at Milne Library got me thinking...

Authors are happy to have their works honored, and appreciate hearing authors talk about their works, and giving talks about their own work, so...

Why not invite faculty and staff that publish to have a 'free' reception at the Library?

Basically, set aside some foundation funds for small receptions at the Library to recognize works as they are produced. This gives the Library awareness when an author recently published works we want to collect, and helps the author market their work, all while honoring their work at the campus.

I know libraries do this, so I am interested in hearing your suggestions; one of the important parts is how to best market this service offering and get faculty, staff, and even alumni to participate?
  • Focal point - such as the Geneseo Authors Hall
  • Regularize author events and receptions
  • Correspond event times with campus events; before faculty senate, lectures, gallery events, etc.
  • Publish the citations in a distinctive publication, website, etc. (We are currently working with LibraryThing and evaluating an article citation tool)
  • Free food, coffee, tea, (I know, it just has to be said though)

Other suggestions?

Some of the related ideas that may interest you is something I want to see developing this next year; a reading garden @ Milne. Suffice it to say that by connecting readers and writers, in a variety of formal and informal spaces, venues, etc. strenthens the connection that libraries are a vibrant part of creation and dissemination of creative/scholarly works. BUT that is one of the reasons why we love to work in libraries. Best wishes.