Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free for All! Interlibrary Loan and Open Access – Tina Baich

Open Access Defined; Internet based, Free content, Free of most copyright restrictions
Does open access make scholarly communications less expensive and increase research impact?
Tina’s delicious tool:, in particular:

False expectations: If more content is freely available, ILL requests will go down.
Users aren’t finding these options, so ILL is locating more of them.

Received about 400 requests / month for materials what we own, so if they aren’t finding those, they aren’t finding materials on the open web.

Borrowing requests fill about 10-14K / year

Open Access Requests @ IUP
Quarterly data shows roughly 8-70 requests.

ETD’s: Electronic Theses and Dissertations
OA Theses requests @ IUP: sources vary widely, not all found using Google.
• Canada Theses Portal (interestingly, all the Canadian theses were found in institutional repositories, and not the Canada Theses Portal); CARL open archives metadata harvester.
• Ethos: British Library Electronic Theses Online Services
People who use this, the end-user, must sign off on the request to protect copyright.
• Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations; 88 institutions:

210 Open Access articles since Feb. 2009, distribution:
Predominately Freely access science journals, DOAJ, HighWire Press (not all is free: , J-STAGE are predominate.
PubMed Central:

Rarely does she go to these sites because Serials Solutions indexes them and makes DOAJ / OA titles available by turning on the “Freely Accessible...” list of sources.

AO Articles not found in Serials Solutions, found on the web – wide and varied, found by a Google Search. Persee is an interesting European collection of OA journals, in particular French titles. Also the Free Library by Farlex which contains about 19M articles and books.

9 Google books found, 5 Internet Archive, 1 other websites.
OA Gov Doc requests @ IUP: 6 government websites, 2 Google books.

New FDSYS search system, to replace GPO Access:

OA Conference Paper Requests @ IUP; all academic 9, conference related websites 5, author web page 2, defense tech. Info. Center 2, IR: 1

OpenDoar and OAIster are general resources.

Tracking the OA Requests
•Establish a lender address: add address – create symbol OPEN = open access and save
•Create a custom email and email routing rule – finishes as Delivered to Web in Borrowing – so they post PDF and send URL.

Lender and System ID – insert lender and change system ID to OTH.

Charles Bailey open access bibliography:

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