Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting to know all about you... ILLiad User Demographics by Stephanie Spires

Getting to know all about you... ILLiad User Demographics – Stephanie Spires

Users Table
Every registered user has a record in the table; each record has a unique username, lots of fields for each user; status, department, street, email addresses, preferences, etc.

Getting to know them – means finding about them – their registration data and their use stats.

User table, transactions, and tracking table
Users are associated with Borrowing and Document Delivery transactions by username – each record has an associated username that links back to users table; each username has only one record.
Stephanie share the ILLiad diagram – useful, but it would be nice to update this and add the Worldcat Info table.

History and Tracking are similar, but history includes billing and supplier data.
Tracking is a short table, only TN#, DateTime, ChangedTo, ChangedBy

Transactions table is a big table; TransactionDate is last revision of the TransactionStatus.
From Tracking, you could see the changes in transaction for date/time stamps.

User Table provides all the demographic data that we are focusing on – looking at their use; Transactions table is important. Users and Transactions are matched by Username.

Using ILLiad 8 – search requests interface is on the ribbon.

Tip: Cleared column: B is cleared, BX is blocked.

PivotTable with exported Excel from ILLiad makes it easy to see the count of users by department or status. Who is using our services?

Search – custom search – custom request search
• Add a condition about Tracking.ChangedTo = Submitted by Customer
• Add a condition about Tracking.DateTime = Is between -select date range-

Custom searches can be saved. Idea – let’s share our cool custom searches by saving IRRP’s (saved – add them to the workflow toolkit)

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